Mean Messiah - The Band


Welcome to the website of Mean Messiah, the band founded by musician and producer Dan Friml, former member of Sebastian, Apostasy and many more metal and non-metal projects and bands.

After seven years and four months of work, because the project went through many difficulties and complications, the debut album entitled "Hell" is finally released. All instruments and vocals were recorded, arranged and produced by Dan himself in his own recording studio, he also mixed and mastered the whole thing. Mastering took another two months and during that time twenty versions of different mixes and masters were made. The album was finished at the end of June 2013 and released a few days later on July 1st as a physical CD and a free digital download as well (both you can get on this very website).

Dan wrote 79 songs during the recording process, some were simple ideas only, some unfinished demos and some almost completed recordings. Many ended in trash bin, many were postponed for possible future release and some laid foundations for the songs you can hear from the completed album. The resulting selection of eight tracks represents the work which was ready for the release at the time, which was suitable for the album concept and, last but not least, which satisfied an unbearable perfectionism of the author himself.

Mean Messiah music could be described as a mixture of industrial thrash and death metal with some progressive influences. The concept behind the album is very simple: "we all take different paths but we're all heading to hell". It is further developed in the lyrical content, all lyrics are thematically related and depict the wild ride through the darkest corners of human mind.

At the beginning of 2014, after a few months of searching and rehearsing the lineup stabilized as follows: Dan Friml - guitar/vocal, Honza Šebek - drums and Veronika Smetanová - bass.