Mean Messiah - Veronika Smetanová

Veronika Smetanová

Veronika Smetanová (bass)

born: July 3rd, 1993

sign: Cancer

Veronika was the last member to join the band, two months before our very first show. She perfectly fit in the band and quickly learned all the bass parts.

instruments: bassguitar, keys


favorite food: my mom's potato dumplings, camembert-type cheese, shopska salad

favorite drink: wine & coke

favorite bands: Guns N' Roses, In Flames, Guano Apes, Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Deep Purple, Johny Cash, Bob Marley, Nirvana, SKA-P, Tenacious D, Korn, many Czech bands...