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Mean Messiah are back!

Mean Messiah are back!

This is the new line-up of Mean Messiah, in which a new album is currently being created. Behind the drums is none other than Miloš Meier, whom you know mainly from Dymytry, Drumming Syndrome and many other projects. Miloš is one of the best Czech drummers and with him we have a guarantee that the drum part at Mean Messiah will be taken care of really top notch! The talented and unmissable Lenka Čechová took up the bass guitar and we are very happy that she is now a part of Mean Messiah. Wondering if you’ll see us live in this line-up? Yes, you will, but more occasionally so far. Both Miloš and Dan have a very busy schedule and it will depend on the free dates, in any case, we are determined to play concerts as much as possible, we are planning the launch of the album and a promotional mini-tour. You have a lot to look forward to!
Thanks to Lýdia Vyčítalová for the great photos!

Trahir debut album is ready for pre-orders!

Trahir - Whose Hearts Petrified

Hello my friends, Dan here! I’ve spent the last few months finishing the debut album of Trahir, the band I’m a member of as a bassist. I think the result is really worth it, and if you like original music in the spirit of stoner, doom, NWOBHM, then don’t hesitate and make a pre-order in our shop! The album is going to be released on December 1st as a limited edition of 333 hand-numbered pieces with a signed autograph card. We’ve just opened pre-orders, so don’t hesitate and get yourself a copy until it’s available!

Mean Messiah on Prague Kemp Letňany

Prague Kemp Letňany

Mean Messiah is confirmed for Prague Kemp Letňany. We love these unusual combinations of genres! We’ve tried it a few times and it’s always been great! August 14th we will play at Prague Kemp Letňany together with Visací Zámek and E!E. The big stage suits us and we haven’t played in Prague for a really long time, so come to see us! It will be great!